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The Municipality of Maia has an unquestionable constructed and natural heritage, which often passes unnoticed to the population, harming both, the safeguarding of that heritage, and the community, who, due to the lack of knowledge, does not enjoy it.
Aware of this reality, as well as of the advantages recognized with the practice of running as a contribution to a balanced and healthy life, which is visible in the growing number of supporters of this activity, the City Council decided to study a General Charter of Pedestrian Routes that was organized according different characteristics: Urban, Historical, Riverside, Rural and Natural Routes.

The Municipality informed the population about these routes starting with the typology of the Urban Route, which was divided in two courses: the “Percurso Azul”, more extensive, combining the Contemporary and Rural Architecture; and the “Percurso Vermelho” exhibiting the Contemporary Architecture. Both routes enable the pedestrian mobility in the city, promoting social and city life, disclosing the heritage, not only among the residents but also among the visitors that seek the city in search of contemporary architecture.

The Municipality started to select and define the routes with points of interest, with signs and with a brochure providing important information about the route.

This is an initiative that will deliver the city to their residents, allowing the relathionship and harmony between both, transforming the routes in public social life.

Location: Maia
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