Park of Sinçães

Vila Nova de Famalicão
The construction of the Park in Sinçães began in 1992, on the site of the old Farms of Sinçães and Ribeira.Being recognised in the city at the time, as the largest green space, has contributed significantly to the improvement of the quality of urban life. Connected to the city centre by two walkway bridges. In its modern style is now a good example of adaptation to the uneven pre-existent.  

Situated here are the main cultural city public equipment: the Municipal Library and the Arts House. The Park of Sinçães also offers excellent conditions for recreation and exercise, highlighting the existence of a Sports Park directed to the practice of skateboarding. 

Here we find several very interesting specimens of indigenous flora that together form a green stain that gives the Park a priceless environmental and ecological value, a quality factor in the life and well-being of people.

Location: Vila Nova de Famalicão
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