Paços do Concelho

Vila Nova de Famalicão

Originally named as “Praça do Príncipe Real”, the current “Praça Álvaro Marques” or “Jardim dos Paços do Concelho”, was the first public garden of Vila Nova de Famalicão.

Its history dates back to 1886, when the new road Porto/Braga was constituted a privileged access to the site where the first building of the Town Hall and Court, surrounded by a romantic garden.  The current building and garden are designed by the Architect Januário Gandhi and was inaugurated in 1961. With contemporary influences, this garden provides beautiful spaces of enjoyment and contemplation, near the the bust of Camilo Castelo Branco and the water mirror. Also the magnificent exotic trees and the colourful flower beds of the season.

Location: Vila Nova de Famalicão
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