Municipal Library of Paredes

The Municipal Library of Paredes is located in the José Guilherme Square, a building dating from 1866, where, previously, worked one of 120 schools built in the mid-nineteenth century, at the expenses of Joaquim Ferreira dos Santos, known as Conde de Ferreira.
In the Library about 30 thousand titles can be found, standing out the old Foral de Baltar (Baltar Charter), dated from 1515, and a valuable edition of The Lusíadas, published in 1880 by Emilio Biel, at the time of the third centenary of the poet`s death celebrations.
The public access area is equipped with a general reading room and multimedia, periodicals, local and regional interest documents room, a multipurpose room designed for lectures, meetings and presentations and also a children's section.
The office space consists of the technical area and a diffusion and preservation deposit.

Location: Paredes
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