Monte Padrão Trail

Santo Tirso


It is a round trail starting and finishing  in one of the following places: Mina D'Água in Ferreira de Lemos Street in Santo Tirso City ,and Church of Santa Cristina in Couto (Santa Cristina). This trail connects with "PR 1 ST – Histórico Pré-Industrail" at Quinta do Américo.
Monte Padrão:
Monte Padrão is located on the left bank of the river Ave, in the parish of Cordova , a few kilometers southeast of Santo Tirso City. The Monte Padrão roman settlement was dug in the fifties, achieving an extraordinary scientific importance for the study of the distant past of the region. It is classified as National Monument since 1922.
In 1986, the Municipality of Santo Tirso and the National Service for Archaeology of the North Region began a set of actions in order to protect, to study and to appreciate this archaeological site.
The oldest occupation on Monte Padrão reports to the Bronze Final Age, corresponding to the formation period of the "Cultura Castreja".
Church of Santa Cristina do Couto:
The first references to the Church of Santa Cristina do Couto are very ancient and date back to the XIII century when the parish was established.

The church suffered some improvements ordered by Earl of S. Bentro, according with a report of Alberto Pimentel. The current church was restored in 1974, presenting a recent architecture.
Senhor do Padrão:
Small eighteenth-century chapel located on Monte Padrão. It houses a polychrome granite image of Christ Crucified.
The legend says that this chapel marks the place where the old church and Benedictine Monastery were located.

 PR 2 ST - "Padrão"

Distance / Duration - 12.00 km - 3 to 4 hours
Difficulty - Moderate
Advised season - Autumn; Winter; Spring
Location - Quinta do Américo; Monte Padrão; Couto (Santa Cristina)
Starting / Arrival - Santo Tirso (Mina D'Agua) and Santa Cristina.
Points of interest:
- Quinta do Américo; Quinta de Linhares; Capela de Santo António; Senhor do Padrão; Monte do Padrão; Paços; Igreja de Santa Cristina.
Accessibility: EN 105 and A3
General information:
City Hall - Tel: 252830400 Fax: 252856534

Location: Santo Tirso


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