Moimenta da Beira

Moimenta da Beira
Welcome to the Municipality of Moimenta of Beira, in the Centre North of Portugal, where was created the Foundation Aquilino Ribeiro, populated by affable and hospitable people who cultivate the Lands of the Demo and shaped it with their identity.

Walking through mountain ranges and coastal areas, visitors will find inspiration and unique experiences filled with emotion in the inhospitable places inhabited by a variety of natural heritage.

Wandering through the secular architectural heritage that decorates emblematic squares, popular little streets, wilderness hills with religious references, the visitor absorbs the historicity of this county, of wandering people ,that indelibly marked the "Modus Vivendi" and culture of our people.

At the end of your journey by Terras de Moimenta, enjoy the culinary delicacies, accompanied by wines Terras do Demo. At the table with sausages and artisan cheeses, a hunting dish or a farm dish, feel the pleasure of tasting the authenticity of our cuisine, drizzled with white or red wine Terras do Demo. Finalizing this meal, treat yourself to a juicy apple cake or dried fruits, accompanied by our light and fine sparkling wine.
Visit Moimenta da Beira and take with you the authentic flavors of Gastronomy of Demo Lands.



Location: Moimenta da Beira
Correia Alves Manor House

Correia Alves Manor House

Century building located in Terreiro das Freiras, in the historical center of Moimenta da Beira....
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