Manor Houses - Quinta dos Cónegos


This Manor House from the 18th century contains one of the finest mansions in the Porto surrounding area. It is built in the Nasoni style and the chapel, dating from the 17th, is covered in richly carved gilded woodwork and contains valuable furniture, paintings and sculptures. The building is surrounded by a magnificent green area.
The main two-storey façade displays two series of arches. The upper storey arches are protected by balustrades. A staircase perpendicular to the façade leads to the main entrance which stands slightly back. On the right, attached to the house, stands the private chapel which is dedicated to the Holy Family. Above the doorway the inscription of the chapel's date can be seen: 1781. Inside there is a wonderful collection of giltwork and beautiful multi-coloured statues of saints. The gardens around the wonderful house are protected by granite balustrades and hide a curious dragon ... Don't miss it!

GPS: 41º13'48.59"N 8º37'54.15"O

Location: Maia


Where it was the Degrau Chá, in Focus area, is now the restaurant Medit, a warm and modern place...
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