"Just Come" (Business Tourism Entertainment)

The JUST COME is a DMC – Destination Management Company – specialized in the regions of Paiva Valley, Douro River, Montemuro Mountain and Freita Mountain.
“We create, develop and implement tourist programs based on the deep knowledge of a region, providing all the necessary monitoring and the appropriate logistic management.”
·         Rafting
·         Historical-Cultural Routes
·         Road Trip/Van Tours
·         Kayak
·         Canoe-Raft
·         Stand up Paddle
·         Aquatic hiking
·         Canyoning
·         Climbing
·         Pedestrian trails
·         Gastronomic Route
·         Enotourism
·         Bicycle

Location: Arouca
S. Pedro

S. Pedro

It has capacity for 100 people in the hotel restaurant and 500 people in the tent and the...
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 It seats 80 people, with the following specialties: "vitela e cabrito assado" (roast veal and...
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