Horse Ride «From Quinta de Pentieiros to Serra de Arga» - 4

Ponte de Lima

Circuit 4
Departure: Quinta Pedagógica de Pentieiros (Ponte de Lima)
Arrival: Quinta Pedagógica de Pentieiros (Ponte de Lima)
Distance: 25.8 km
Altimetric variation: 285 m
Total of slope: 1872 meters
Estimated duration of the tour: 5 hours

Stop (s) Technique (s):
Stop 1: Km 2.71 to 41 ° 46'16 .45 "N 8 ° 39'46 .49" W
Description: Surrounding the old post of forest services with an area with many trees, shades and places to tying horses.

Stop 2: - Mount - km 11.2 to 41 ° 47'27 .39 "N 8 ° 43'43 .59" W
Description: Picnic area in the center of Montaria.

Rest Stop: Trogal - km 20.1 to 41 ° 45'53 .48 "N 8 ° 41'10 .07" W
Description: Countryside with trees, shades (outside the village) and places to tying horses, where you can get water for hydration of horses. Easy access to vehicles.

Location: Ponte de Lima
Mercearia da Vila

Mercearia da Vila

Situated in the center of Ponte de Lima, this guesthouse was inspirate in the produtcs of a...
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Daring and 'spicy' menu makes the fame of this house. The menu features fun options, with names...
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Mercearia da Vila

Mercearia da Vila

Entering in Mercearia da Vila is like going back to the past. A centenary grocery store inspired...
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