Galeria República das Artes

Vila Nova de Cerveira
Republican Gallery of Arts

Opening Hours:
Saturdays from 3 p.m. till 7 p.m.

Daily opening exceptionally during the Biennial of Cerveira held during the 18 July to the 18 August.

The ‘Republica das Artes’ is a contemporary art gallery and is stated as an exhibition space with two essential components, one of them is by promoting in Cerveira works by artists with relevant artistic background, and the second is, to develop a strategy for the project room (currently with 6 project rooms), which can be recognised as experimental arts laboratories.

Location: Vila Nova de Cerveira
Rebuçados dos Arcos - Doçaria Central

Rebuçados dos Arcos - Doçaria Central

The "Rebuçados dos Arcos" (Sweets of Arcos) of popular origin, similar to other sweets from...
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