Fojo das Pombas (Fojo of Doves)


The oldest work for the gold mining dates back to the Roman occupation in the Iberian Peninsula. The hills of Santa Justa and Pias are the testimony of a gold mining activity, with several pitfalls and cuttings dating from the I, II and III centuries. The Fojo das Pombas is perhaps the most emblematic, because it is possible to observe the integration of many techniques used by the Romans and also because it was found in this place several pieces that allow us to confirm the age of the exploitation. It is remarkable the unique beauty and exuberance of the flora that develops in this area due to its particular soil and weather conditions. Visits by request.

Location: Valongo


It is a rustic, comfortable and cozy space where different dishes of traditional Portuguese...
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Restaurant Choupal dos Melros

Restaurant Choupal dos Melros

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