Festas Concelhias em Honra de Santo António

Vila Verde

Municipal Festivities in Honour to Saint Anthony

For several days and no later than 13th June every year, Vila Verde hosts one of the most famous festivals of Minho – the municipal festivities in honour of St. Anthony.

Numerous activities provide unforgettable moments: the folklore groups, the bonfires, the fun-defying songs, and the magnificent fireworks sessions. The solemn procession in honour of Saint Anthony, on the afternoon of 12th June is another reason of interest, by the participation of 58 Parishes in the municipality, hundreds of allegoric figures, dozens of lifters and other elements of one of the most beautiful paintings of religious nature of Minho. Join up, in the centre of town, thousands of people from different points of the region, the country and neighbouring Galicia.

Included are the Folklore Festivals, the marches, the musical performances, the horse race, the philharmonic concerts, the Ethnographic Parade – "The Parade of Tradition", with the participation of the Parish Councils and the Associations, in an authentic show of culture and traditions of the municipality. This event has gained a prominent place as a “business card” to the municipality, and for the Region, the “Febra” (Pork Steak) Festival taking place, including a sector of the Smoked Meats/Sausage, Wine and Regional Sweets, aiming at the appreciation of Food and Wine characteristics. The "Youth Space" enhanced by local associations, through a specific programming (After Party) will be another pole of attraction.

For all this, the Municipal Festivals of Vila Verde – Saint Anthony are the unique platform of culture, tradition and organization, participated and animated by the joy of the people of Vila Verde.

Location: Vila Verde
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