Farmer House Horta Osório, SA – Quinta do Pontão

Santa Marta de Penaguião
The winery Horta Osório (HO) is located at the top of Quinta dos Osórios.
Designed by architects Frederick Valsassina and John Horta Osório Charters Monteiro, the winery has a modern and distinctive architecture that is integrated in the landscape, valuing the materials and characteristics of the region. With an inclined form, following the demographics of the land, the design of the cellar was based on the concept of gravity. Since the arrival of the grapes to the storage, all the product goes into a circle moved essentially through the gravity, ensuring the quality of the wine.
Provided with the most modern technology, Cellar H.O. it is managed by a group of professionals that combine the wisdom with art and local tradition, new techniques and trends. To reduce the environmental impact of the process, the water used in the wine production are treated and reused.
In addition to the technical and service spaces, the cellar also has an administrative space, a laboratory, a commercial space and a tasting room, which is located on the top floor and allows to admire the Douro landscape, particularly the views of  Serra do Marão and  Quinta da Casa Agricola Horta Osório itself.

Location: Santa Marta de Penaguião
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