Cycle Route


Local residents and tourists had wanted a cycle route for a long time, so the City Council of Fafe used the old railway line connecting Fafe and Guimarães, deactivated in 1986, to build the cycle route.
The Cycle Route runs along 15.4 Km, across part of the municipality of Fafe along 8.3 km, on the southwest side, and across part of the municipality of Guimarães along 7.10 km, on the western side.
According to municipal law, circulation on this cycle route has priority over all other routes crossing it, unlike other cycle routes and eco-ways.
Cyclists can rest at designated places along the route and use the equipment available and drinking fountains at key locations marked along the way.

Location: Fafe
Hotel de Guimarães****

Hotel de Guimarães****

In the middle of the city, bordering the historic center, Hotel de Guimarães (116 rooms),...
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