Castromil Gold Mine

The Castromil Gold Mines, in the parish of Sobreira, were a target of an intense exploration at the time of the Romans. As a result of this activity, is now on site an interesting mining heritage.This heritage consists of “cortas” (mining explorations), testimony of extraction of minerals, galleries and wells, traces of underground exploration.
In Castromil Gold Mines, parish of Sobreira, municipality of Paredes, there is a gold deposit whose archaeological evidence testify that at least about 2,000 years the Roman people developed on this site, auriferous mining activities.

Here are observed open-pit mining, numerous ancient underground works and still hollows on the side walls to put lighting small lamps. The Covas Castromil, popular designation, correspond, as the name suggests, to the existence of large pits / holes (cortas) resulting from the extraction techniques used by the Romans, which took place from dismantling of large amounts of rock.

In this region appears even more recent prospecting work, such as galleries, channel sampling and surveys. In Castromil there are also varied geological features, some of obvious relevance, including the occurrence of structural features, mineralogical and lithological, paleontological and geomorphological. This heritage on the geology and mining has been the subject of a study project and scientific dissemination, developed by the Municipality of Paredes in partnership with the Department of Geology, Faculty of Sciences, University of Porto. Thus, this project has a strong didactic component directed to all public towards a sense of awareness for the preservation of natural areas and of geological and mining testimonies as asset values.

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Open from 2nd to 6th
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Location: Paredes
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