Castle Trail - Signed Footpath

Carrazeda de Ansiães
The “ Trilho do Castelo” (Castle Trail) is a small route [PR] footpath  which is part of Municipal Hiking routes of Carrazeda de Ansiães,  marked and signed  according with the European and national guidelines. This route starts in  the parish of Lavandeira, more precisely at the parish church of Santa Eufemia. This church is a seventeenth-century temple of elongated plan, preceded by a mannerist porch supported by 12 Tuscan columns. The interior is richly decorated in baroque style, keeping the ceiling in false vault, with painted panelled ceiling representing in the nave, scenes of Christ's life, the Virgin and the saints and in the main chapel the  tree of Jesse. Following the centre of the village of Lavandeira   we climb   towards the   Castle of Ansiães, by the old pavement   that leads us to the village gate. The Castle of Ansiães  is an ancient medieval fortified village  whose history has developed  continuously from the chalcolithic period until 1734, when the county seat of Ansiães was  moved  to  Carrazeda. Inside the castle we find the Church of S. Salvador, a Romanesque church whose construction can be placed chronologically around the XIII   century. The originality of this monument   is based essentially in its tympanum   "Pantocrator", whose iconography "Cristo em Majestade” is the most complete example of Portuguese Romanesque style.  Leaving   the castle,  by the gate of S.  Francisco, we   start going down by the asphalt road, following the path that leads us to the Casa de Selores. This manor house   whose construction dates back to the   XVII century, it is classified as a “Imóvel de Interesse  Público” (Property of Public Interest)  and consists of three different parts, the chapel, the house and the porched balcony.  A few meters   away there is  the parish church of Selores with its magnificent baroque altar of gilt woodwork. Selores is a parish  located in a vineyard region, whose agricultural culture and its polichromy confers   and values the surrounding landscape. Leaving   this village we go along the cobbled path up to an asphalt path that leads us  again  to the village Lavandeira where our trail  began.

Location: Carrazeda de Ansiães

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