Casa da Cultura de Paredes (Palacete da Granja)

Casa da Cultura (Palacete da Granja) – House of Culture

The Casa da Cultura is located in the Avenida da República, in the center of the city of Paredes. The building that houses the Casa da Cultura, also known as “Palacete da Granja”, was built in the last quarter of the XIX century. The “Palacete da Granja” belonged to Joaquim Bernardo Mendes, a Portuguese returned from Brasil, who received the title of Viscount of Paredes. Joaquim Bernardo Mendes built this magnificent Manor, which is surrounded by a huge garden, and its construction suffered brasilian influences such as its façades covered with yellow tiles and the large doors and windows. In 1895, the King D. Carlos was received in this “Palacete”. After the death of Joaquim Bernardo Mendes, the new owner offered the “Palacete” to the Irmandade da Misericórdia de Paredes (a Charity Institution). By the early 90s the Municipality of Paredes began to restore and to promote the “Palacete” as Casa da Cultura, after a protocol with the Irmandade da Misericórdia de Paredes. Today it is an important structural element in the cultural offerings of the city.

Location: Paredes
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