Casa da Cultura da Trofa (Trofa House of Culture)

Casa da Cutlura da Trofa (Trofa House of Culture)

The Casa da Cultura da Trofa is located in the Largo do Souto da Lagoa and, by its different model either in form or volume, stands out from the other buildings. Covered with green tiles, its façade develops in a strong verticality, especially the symmetrically arranged openings.

Some spoken records testify it was moved, from Vila Nova de Gaia to the place where it is today, in the first quarter of the twentieth century, by initiative of Joaquim Silva, a farm owner native of the parish of Sam in the Municipality of Vila Nova de Famalicão. For this reason the house was known as "Sam's House." The building was later purchased and operated upon by the Municipality of Santo Tirso in order to be adapted to a cultural space. The Municipality of Trofa has continued the work, having structured the services. On November 3, 2001, the Casa da Cultura da Trofa was inaugurated.

The project respected the integrity of the façade but the interior of the building has been fully adapted to its new functionality, presenting itself as a modern and cozy space that has been used as a stage for diverse artistic and cultural events. It incorporates multimedia and periodicals reading rooms for children and adults, technical offices, showrooms, bar, terrace, gardens and outdoor auditorium.

Schedule | Monday to Saturday - 10h00 to 18h00

Location: Trofa
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