Arquitectura Religiosa (Religious Architecture)

São João da Madeira

Main Church

The Main Church was designed by the Engineer, Professor António Araújo e Silva. It was built in 1884, imposing itself by the sobriety of its architectural lines, the greatness and solidity of the building. On the inside there is a huge richness, a beauty and a variety of both the gilt woodwork and the iconographic and sculptural motifs. The Roman road from Talóbriga to Lancóbriga passed behind the church.

Chapel of Santo António

This chapel was inaugurated on the 13th, October 1935, and it was designed by the architect João Queirós. The original chapel dated from 1680 and it was demolished in 1934. In 1935 a new chapel was built. Etnographically and socially, it is the richest parish monument after the main church. In the inside there is an inscription with the benefactor’s names.

Nossa Senhora dos Milagres Shrine

This shrine was built with the donations of the people of São João da Madeira, and it was inaugurated on November 6th, 1938, in a ceremony presided by the Bishop of Porto. It is located in a green area named Parque Nossa Senhora dos Milagres, one of the most popular urban parks in the city.
It goes back to the neo-romanesque style, its façade having one crucified image of Christ in marble. There is a wooden image of Nossa Senhora dos Milagres in the inside.  

Chapel of Santa Maria
The chapel of Santa Maria was built in 1903, being commonly known as Capela de Casaldelo. It was built by Antonio Ferreira Porto. There is a small marble image of the patron saint in a small niche. In its interior, in contrast to the lacquered features, there is a small main chapel, in which it is exhibited a modern altarpiece, worked in lacquer and gold leaf and decorated with a sculpture of Santa Maria.

Location: São João da Madeira
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