Aldeia de S. Xisto

São João da Pesqueira
S. Xisto, in Vale de Figueira parish, borough of S. João da Pesqueira, is located on one of the most beautiful areas of the Douro region.

It lies on a slightly inclined slope of  schist over river Douro, in contrast to the granitlike character of the steep slopes across the

river that plunge abruptly into the calm deep waters of Valeira dam. S. Xisto is in the heart of the land considered as World Heritage by UNESCO.

The improvement works the village has been under are almost finished. So far, two schist houses have been recovered for rural tourism, as well as Santo Ovídio and missal chapels, which are about three centuries old. The project also includes the recovery of an old olive-oil press and a wine cellar, where two granite wine presses stand out. A tennis court, game lounges, a bar and a sales stand for regional products and handicraft are some of the other structures that the village now has.

As for heritage buildings, we should visit the stone walls and the slopes, the wine and the olive-oil presses, the community oven, S. Xisto chapel (afore mentioned), Anjo Arrependido belvedere and the centenary fountain. Gastronomy is intimately connected to land products, especially Mediterranean flavours. Grazing activities have also left their marks on traditional cooking, where kid from the Douro lands is one of the most popular, roasted with olive-oil in a traditional oven.

Location: São João da Pesqueira

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