2Rios Steakhouse & Bar

Marco de Canaveses
Description / Facilities

2Rios Steakhouse & Bar is an ideal space designed to provide you with moments of relaxation and relaxation.
The surrounding landscape conveys the serenity you desire for a friendly holiday, whether during the afternoon or in the evening.
It is the ideal place to organize your meeting and enjoy the most varied cocktails, always well accompanied by the background music and the view over the river.
During the afternoon you can refresh yourself in the pool, which makes this area the perfect place for you, your friends, and your family.

What to eat?
Meat is the main dish and service flag of 2Rios. Variety is the definition of quality of this space, and among the various opportunities, you can choose a veal ribeye, an empty steak, a hamburger or a salad.
The confection of each dish is thought to give you a satisfying experience and rich in handmade flavors.
Address: Rua de Santa Clara, 497 4575-323 Torrão
E-mail: info@2rios.pt
Phone: +351 255 613 476

10 Jan to 29 May 2020
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