The well spoken - Uncle Arthur

Description / Facilities
Initially known as the place of friends for the excellent welcome and service offered to those who visited, it quickly became known by the "Well spoken" or Uncle Arthur, name of its owner.
Located in the neighborhood of the Mãe d'Água Cold land street saw, on October 23, 2012, the toponimal attribution of its name to a part of this street, after a family petition and many friends, being designated as Rua Elisio Artur Carpenter with the inscription of the cognome "Uncle Arthur".
Unmistakable and unmatchable figure left, after his death, the 35 year old legacy, to the family, as was his wish, which has done everything to honor and dignify this emblematic place of the city of Bragança.
It is a compulsory point of passage frequented by doctors, engineers, construction workers, mayors, IPB students, considered by Uncle Arthur as children, and still today is a mandatory place of passage in the freshman's guide
It is frequented by people from all walks of life, because everyone feels welcome in a cozy and familiar environment.
Following the family tradition, there is plenty of varied tidbits, with a well-seasoned seasoning, with the bean stew, the strong dish, accompanied by homemade bread and washed down with good wine and the celebrated talk.
The green broth, alheira or roasted sausage, products of own manufacture with certified quality, among others, Tio Artur offers a varied offer of snacks and service, of quality recognized by the prizes received, by the clients and friends who visit the space
Address: Rua Tio Artur 10 Bº Mãe D'Água 5300 - 268 Bragança
Phone: +351 273 324 178

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